January 22, 2014


In the spirit of MLK day this week I re-listened to one of my favorite This American Life episodes. 

Overall the whole broadcast is really interesting, but the story at about the 13 minute mark knocks me on my ass every time I hear it. 

Check it out below.



December 2, 2013

Putting the bed to bed

The end of the summer months in the garden were lovely. The zinnia's were growing like crazy and I couldn't begin to keep up with the basil and tomatoes. Much pesto was made and frozen. 

Louis and I made delicious pizza's.

Eventually the final CSA box came and went. I harvested the last of the sage, thyme and rosemary and stored it for winter.

Then one big overnight frost and the zinnia's were gone.

Overall the ten minutes I watered and tended the garden in the mornings last spring and summer were some of the best spent, calm and easy at the beginning of the day. Then I realized I was getting a bit tired of the responsibility of the garden just as it was coming to the end of the season.

Love when things wrap up just as they're supposed to.

November 6, 2013

Oh so scary

I had to share the photos my sister Jady took of Louis on Halloween. Every time I look at them I laugh out loud. How much joy can one four year old bring the world you ask?

A lot. 

I love him.

October 25, 2013

As of late

I wrote a post recently. It referenced the show 30 Something and was a short commentary on life. I accidentally deleted it. It was probably for the best. Posts have been low because I'm having a little trouble keeping up as of late, but here are two pictures of a short day trip King and I made recently and also one of the nephew who is so dang cute it hurts. 

He's growing so fast, sometimes I look at him and think "You're getting so long!" and I especially love on evenings at his house when you notice the sweatshirt he's wearing is an inch or two too short in the sleeve. Something about that tiny display of change just gets me. 

But he's still young enough to give me a big 'ol hug and rest his head on my shoulder. I'll take it. 


"Addie I don't want any corn."

"Addie can I just have a bite of your corn?"

"Addie can I have my own corn?"

Later when I was strapping him into the car seat, "Addie can we go back and get some more delicious corn?"

I love him. 

Also, he doesn't like his ears tucked into his hat so after he puts it on he liberates them and ends up looking like an adorable little dwarf.

September 21, 2013

Sadness is poetic...

Who knew Louis CK could have such fantastic life insights. This video makes me so happy.

September 17, 2013

I couldn't be more impressed with Chipotle's new marketing campaign showing an accurate depiction of our bleak industrial food culture and how it's setting itself apart. Wonderful video. 

Kudos Chipotle. 

More on this campaign here.

September 10, 2013

Farmers Market

With our birthday's just a few days apart my aunt Diana and I decided that this year we would celebrate together by enjoying a little farmers market action and a nice lunch out. Summer schedules always get busy, but we managed to get in the quality time just a month after said birthdays! We had a great trip to the stillwater farmers market and even though it was 95 degrees out, lunch in the shade on the patio of the dock cafe along the st. croix river was cool and beautiful. 

A great little Saturday for sure. Thanks for showing me around your town Diana, happy birthday to us!

September 5, 2013

Birthday Boy

King today you are seven years old. Waking up to your wagging tail every morning puts a smile on my face and I'm so happy you are mine. 

August 20, 2013

Instagram Lately

Let me start by saying how much I hate my phone. The camera on it is terrible, it's slow and it randomly turns itself off from time to time. But I'm not ready to spend the money needed for a new one right now and I drop the thing almost on a daily basis so I kind of love how durable it is. 

But the camera is bad. And that frustrates me. Ah well.

Anyway, instagram lately. Louis and I had a great birthday.
The heirloom tomatoes in the garden don't seem to want to turn red, so I made fried green tomatoes for the first time. So good!
My cousin and his wife welcomed their daughter into the world and into our family in June. All we went through with getting their adoption profile and cards ready last spring and then one day there is a sweet baby asleep on my lap. She's so beautiful and such a gift. Her parents are over the moon.
Louis really loves his tiger, his blanket and ice cream.
For my cousins bridal shower last weekend we had all of the aunts and cousins send a few of their favorite go-to recipes and we included some family classics. We got a three ring binder for the bride, which is how many of us like to organize our recipes and I made packets of all the recipes for the rest of the ladies. It was a fun and personal gift that's sure to keep on giving.

August 11, 2013

Another Year


For the last few years it's been a birthday tradition of sorts for me to write you, but I have to say this year it feels a little odd to write instead of, I don't know, just telling you what I think when I see you. 

"Louis! It's so weird that you're 4! I'm 32! Can you believe it?! It seems like just yesterday we were not these ages!"

You would just stare rather impatiently at me.

But if I said the heartfelt stuff too, like how much I enjoy watching you grow and how proud I am of you you would just say, "Yes, I know." Since the time you could walk I would ask you, "Louis, come here please, I need to tell you something." and when I'd get you on my lap I'd say, "I just needed to tell you that I love you." and you'd hop off and away. This was the first year that when I told you I had something to tell you you walked over and replied "I know, you love me." 

"Well, yes that." I conceded, "Also I needed to tell you that I think you're really smart." 

Your brain is a little sponge that hears all and then regurgitates things we've said and other things you've heard back to us. You pick up on the things we want you to hear and probably some we don't. You hold us to our promises and remind us of our inconsistencies. You are at this incredible place between a boy and a toddler. Sometimes conversations with you can feel like you're practically in college and then the next minute you're in an uncontrollable fit of tears over something as silly as juice. 

It's fascinating, and fun, well the conversation parts are anyway. A few weeks ago I picked you up to take you to the farmers market and the book store but it was Sunday and I very foolishly didn't pay attention to when the book store would be open. It was closed when we got there and I was frantically trying to think of what to do for an hour with such a young kid. I explained to you that the store wouldn't be open for a while and you gave me a minute to minute recount of a time this same thing had happened to you with Grandma and Grandpa. You explained that in a while a man would come with a key and we would be free to enter. Sounded good to me, but in the mean time I wasn't sure how you'd fair. We walked a few blocks to a near by park, but it was crazy hot that day so the slides and swings were too warm to touch. You played for a bit but then came and sat with me in the shade under a tree. I got out a pen and small pad of paper from my purse and you drew pictures for a good long while which is one of my favorite things to watch you do because the narration of your tales and drawings are the most fun ever. 

"This is the momma bunny and these are the babies in her tummy."

"This is a fairy and these are her wings."

I didn't hear one peep of complaint from you all morning and after a while we walked back down to the ice cream place and then the book store that was now open and we read all the fairy books and all the halloween books we could get our hands on.

Then there are your growing cooking skills. One day shortly after our garden behind my house started to fill in you came over with your mom and we made pesto together and put it on pizzas for dinner. For all the times we had talked about the garden during preparation and planting you had mentioned that I would need a basket.

"A basket?" I asked 

"Yes, for to put the vegetables in so they don't get dirty." 

You must have seen somewhere the image of someone picking things from a garden and putting them in a basket, it's not uncommon, so the evening we made pesto I had to quickly stop at the dollar store on the way home and get two small baskets. You were pumped. We took them out to the garden and picked basil, spinach and parsley for our pesto and at one point you turned and whispered to me quietly, 

"I like this place."

And I thought that I could just die right then because life couldn't get much better than that. You and I in the garden we made happily picking food to cook with. 

Lou you were the best three year old our family could ask for, we can't wait for the age of four. 

I love you very much Louis, no doubt about it. Happy birthday to us.


August 8, 2013

Wiki web browser

I listened to the book on tape recently The Art of the Nonconformist and at one point he says to make your default web browser page


Which will bring up a random wikipedia page each time you open a new browser. 

"Read it" Chris Guillebeau advised. 

So I did that and it's been fun and informative!


July 31, 2013

From The Garden

The first zucchini 


I had to pollinate it myself, who knew that if the bees don't do it they don't grow? We need the bees people. 

I have much to learn yet in the garden.

The roma's are just starting to get red. There are about 24 on this plant right now. I foresee some delicious pasta dishes in my future!