August 31, 2011

Screen Savers

Two sweet screen saver download options for you. You're welcome.

Weather Here. Clock Here.

Letterpress Invites

It's not often you'll find me posting wedding stuff here, but these invitations by Jay Fletcher for his own wedding are too great not to share. Love!

found via design work life.


print via etsy. found via design love fest.

August 30, 2011


A portion of a couple emails today that are a good example of why we're friends...

Munch: I was supposed to have an appointment at the eye doctor but I didn't have some form I needed from my insurance. So now I have to have my insurance company send it to me before I can get my eyes checked. And really, the place seemed very disorganized so I think I may just make an appointment somewhere else. Though they did have a pic of Sally Jesse Raphael on the wall. It would be sorta cool to have the same eye doctor as her since she is so well known for her glasses!

You should definitely continue on at an optometrist that has a picture of SJR on the wall, even if they make you go blind. Remember when Katy went as her for Halloween one year in like 6th grade? Also, I love that since you're in NY a picture of her on the wall means she gets treated there and not that they're just big fans.

Good Morning!

Illustration by Matthew Lyons. Via kitsunenoir. Via fffound.

August 29, 2011

Fingerprint No. 2

Fingerprint No. 2: The Evolution of Handmade Elements in Graphic Design is a great book. And I like that this page is the making of a poster I have in my bathroom.


If there is a spot of sun to be found, this dog will find it. He's very good at basking. An excellent basker.

PS. I didn't notice until after the fact that his pose is just like the lady's in the last post. :)

August 26, 2011

Gonna be a lovely, swimming, boating weekend here in Minneapolis. What are you guys up to? Have a good one ya'll!

image by Georges Dambier. found via beauty comma.

August 25, 2011


Sweet bike poster by Allan Peters for the 2011 Artcrank. Even sweeter is that you can see how he made it here.

found via ffffound.

August 24, 2011

Thoughts on a Wednesday

• It recently occurred to me that once you reach a certain age and a relatively comfortable weight you're basically going to spend the whole of your adult life accidentally gaining back and then having to loose the same five pounds over and over again. The idea of that depresses me more than I can say.

• I am at a point in my life right now where I have less than no desire for children (though of course I adore other people's) but there are times when I'm driving around certain neighborhoods in this city where the thought of being the owner of certain perfect houses makes my ovaries hurt. I want one of those houses to be my baby so I can take care of it, paint the walls, tend the garden and drink wine on it's porch.

• Then I remember that it's taken me weeks to finish putting up art on one wall in my apartment so it's possible a whole house would end me, but still, I want the house... and of course the money to furnish and decorate it just so.

• Since I'm still single there is always a thought in the back of my mind when I look at those houses and think that as long as I haven't met him yet, there is always a slight chance that the man who is meant to be my husband maybe, just maybe, will also happen to be independently wealthy so we could maybe live in one of those houses. Those are very exciting dreams thoughts.

• Maybe I could win the lottery even though I never play it.

• I risk the possibility of sounding completely square when I say this, and also like an asshole, but I have less than no understanding of why some people think it's a good look to put gauges in their ears that stretch the lobe to the point that you can see through it. All I can think of when I see it is what the ear lobe will look like when the gauge is eventually taken out.

• The guy checking my groceries out at the co-op yesterday proved this. He had clearly liked the look and stretched his lobes but had recently taken the gauges out. My first instinct when I saw the loose, puckered skin hanging from the end of his ear like cellulite around an obese person's belly button was to ask him "Oh great, what the hell are you going to do now?" I smiled, thanked him and walked back to my car, but in my head I couldn't stop thinking about how he's going to require some plastic surgery or something. It just wasn't good.

• With the wonderful, sweet smelling loveliness of the cool breeze mornings this time of year comes earlier sun-setting evenings. You can't ever really have your cake and eat it too when it comes to weather can you?

• It turns out I didn't go as gently into 30 as I anticipated. What actually resulted was about 3-5 days of intermittent panic attacks that completely freaked me out. They're gone now, so that's good news.

• Wild berry skittles make me really, really happy.

• I'm kind of excited to start making autumn meals again. A sweater and some hearty soup. Mmmmm.

• Now that I've finally got myself a smart phone you can expect to see more photos like the following here on this blog. The photo apps are the most fun to play with. And the lake is a most fun place to take pictures.


Completely loving these baseball mash ups by Neuarmy.

found via vintage me oh my.


King loves to roll in the grass.

Louis loves to mimic him.

I love them both.

August 23, 2011

Movie Marathon Meal

This Tuscan Pasta with Tomato-Basil Cream is the perfect dish for a United States of Tara Season 3 marathon. I should know, Genevra and I proved it last night.

Doesn't get much better than that on a Monday evening.

PS. I cooked a little garlic and some shallot in the pan before adding the sauce in this recipe. Helped punch it up a bit I think.

found via pinterest.

August 22, 2011

With the boy

On our walkies. I love him.

New Gypsies

Photographer Ian McKell spent the last ten years photographing different people from different walks of life and alternative lifestyles. I am absolutely loving his New Gypsies collection. Fascinating as well as beautiful.

And available in a book.

Found via black eiffel.

There is really nothing so wonderful as the first mornings toward the end of summer when the air is cool and you get to cuddle under blankets between alarm snoozes.

Here are three songs perfect for a cool, end-of-summer Monday morning breeze.

Photo by Brian Ferry.

August 19, 2011

Have a relaxing weekend ya'll!

image via the style files.

Because he likes you

A couple weekends ago when we were at my aunt and uncles house up north a few of us were sitting around on the porch in the evening before bed. King was cuddled up next to my cousin's young son, Isaac, and at one point he gently licked Isaac's hand once and then settled his head back down. Isaac looked up at me surprised and questioningly in a way only three years olds can. I told him that when King licks you that means he really likes you. Isaac sat there for a second taking in this information and then leaned down and gave King a long lick on the top of his head.

Needless to say we all cracked up. I commented that it was a good thing I had shampooed King after his time spent in the mucky part of the lake shore that afternoon.

A day or two later I got the a message from my cousin, Ike's mom, on facebook. "Just wanted to let you know that Isaac licked my hand tonight after bedtime stories. King really made an impression on him this weekend. :)"

Man, kids crack me up.

August 18, 2011

State fair poster

I don't ever go to the state fair, not a huge fan, but I do like this year's poster by Minnesota artist Steve Thomas.

Prints available here.

Good Morning!

Hotel camping image from Huttenpalast. From Happiness Is... Found via artessen.

August 17, 2011

Cat Scan

This tumblr makes me really happy. Kitties.

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August 16, 2011

A friend on facebook posted this as their status a couple days ago. I've been running it through my head ever since. Thought I'd put some design to it.

So pretty

A few of my favorite shots from a shoot I did last weekend with my cousin's daughter. Taking good pictures is a lot easier when you have such a lovely subject.

Abby Seymour

Some funky, adorable ceramics by Abby Seymour. Pics from her tumblr.